Challenging Chutney

You may have noticed that we have been working on the RDI goal of ‘Co-ordination’ for some time.  It’s not that Ellen can’t co-ordinate, it’s just that most of the time she doesn’t want to, prefering to be different.  I spent a whole walk once playing Simon Says with her, in an attempt at a co-ordinated game but whatever I said she did the complete opposite – giggling wildly all the time (Me: Simon Says walk like a chicken, Ellen: Baaaa!).

Our RDI Consultant has kindly taken pity on us and we have now moved on to a Co-regulation goal: ‘Ellen to regulate her actions to remain coordinated, while participating in a form of co-regulatory turn-taking, in which each person observes their partner’s “turn” and then responds with their own contingent, but not imitative action.’

This week I was determined to get this nailed, ticked off, completed etc…the trouble was my mind was totally blank of ideas.  I couldn’t go out anywhere because I was in charge of the puppy, apple-printing would be too messy, but hang on we’ve still got loads of courgettes – so how about making a courgette chutney!

The idea was that we would take different turns peeling and chopping the various vegetables.  Ellen tried to peel the courgettes, but found it too challenging, so we swapped and I peeled while she chopped.  This worked pretty well, although the chunks were not quite the ‘small dice’ required by the recipe, but a few goes with the potato masher at the end soon sorted out this little problem.  There were quite a few tasks which we could co-ordinate on whilst working on separate goals; Ellen held the measuring spoon while I poured things in; she put the chopped items into the pan while I started peeling the next ingredient and I even manage to stop over-compensating and let her measure out the ingredients.  I’ve yet to look back at the video and that almost always reveals a few chinks in the porcelain, but we had a lovely time together enhanced by the three flies who kindly flew into Ellen’s orbit to be swatted and the glass measuring jug which ‘spontaneously’ broke while Ellen was drying it up – much to her delight (less so to mine).

 Ellen and the chutney mix

Ellen and the chutney mix

Cheese and chutney sandwich anyone?