About Us


This is a blog about me and my daughter Ellen (and sometimes other members of the family who wittingly or unwittingly get caught up in the action!)  Ellen is sixteen and has autism.  She loves animals, McDonalds, sequin art and above all her playstation and DVD collection!

In September Ellen left full-time school and moved on to college which in reality means that the Government have decided that she doesn’t need educating five days a week any more and so is home on Wednesdays (as well as all the extra holiday time but no need to go into that here).  There is very very little in the way of organised activities for young adults with learning difficulties, especially those under the age of eighteen and so my several small forays into attempting to organise something formal for Ellen quickly evaporated.  After the initial panic of what on earth we were going to do together, I took a deep breath and started trying to plan fun and interesting things to do on her day off which got her away from her various screens whilst at the same time moving her forward (hopefully).

We have also been implementing an RDI programme with Ellen for the last year, so it seemed good to try and incorporate some of those goals into our weekly “Ellen’s Days” as well.  For those of you who don’t know what RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) is all about, a good place to start is here http://www.thinkautism.co.uk/page5.htm

So this blog is all about our days together, which will hopefully provide motivation for me and inspiration – however small – for other parents who have young adults with autism or learning difficulties and who have days off which need filling…..