Grumpy Christmas

Ellen loves a villain. Her favourite character in Cinderella is Lucifer, in the Little Mermaid it is the evil Ursula and she laughs like a drain as wicked Forte (in Beauty and the Beast) tries in vain to stop the spell being broken.

When choosing her favourite dwarf, Grumpy gets top billing, so it’s no surprise that her favourite character in Spongebob is Squidward. Squidward, for those not familiar with the American cartoon, is bad tempered and miserable and he is also Ellen’s alter-ego.

The rest of the us are included in the metaphor. I’m Spongebob, Daisy is Patrick and Richard has been designated Krusty Krab, which, as he points out in vain, is actually a fast food restaurant, not a person, but most dinner times Ellen still calls out ‘Krusty Krab have a drink!’ much to everyone’s amusement.

We have been decorating a window in our house as part of a Living Advent calendar project in our village. With the 2020 we’ve all had, it’s an especially lovely idea to try and spread a little joy. Households who wish to be involved take a number, decorate a window and then a map guides villagers around the festive route. We are number 12, so our Christmassy design includes a family collage of 12 drummers drumming. There are five of us, and four animals, but that left 3 drummers without faces. We had a lovely afternoon painting our drummers and it wasn’t a difficult decision to decide on the identity of our last three drummers.

You guessed it, we now have Squidward, Spongebob and Patrick on our window display. Ellen loves it and I think Squidward’s expression perfectly reflects the country’s mood!

Christmas is grumpy

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