Another year – but the same onesie!

In the blink of an eye another year has gone by and suddenly it’s World Autism Awareness Week again, and in particular today it’s Onesie Wednesday.  Whatever anyone thinks about the inevitable politics surrounding autism, to my mind Onesie Wednesday encapulates the ethos in a single image; you stand out, but it’s OK to be different.

Taking my pink and purple cakes to sell in the shop this morning I was surprised at how few people even gave me a second glance in the zebra onesie; Wilstone is obviously very autism aware, no doubt largely due to the fact that Ellen works in the shop every week and shoppers are becoming familiar with and even affectionate towards Ellen’s own particular brand of ‘customer service’.

At our regular McDonalds, people were less used to seeing grown adults out and about in broad daylight wearing a onesie and I got quite a few strange looks and smiles, but no comments – gotta love that English reserve!

Trotting along to McDonalds

Trotting along to McDonalds


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