A Decoupage Zoo

Ellen was supposed to be going to respite tonight, but is apparently too ill.  After telling me last night she had too many itches and too many spots; she then surprised me by saying she had chicken pox.  She got a gold star for inventiveness and I was impressed that she actually knew what chicken pox was, but considering she had already had it aged five I was fairly sure the odds were stacked against her catching it again.  Not to be defeated however, this morning she woke up with a sore leg and earache too.  I didn’t believe this for a minute, but she did look a bit pale and subdued, her hands were cold and her sister has had a bit of a lurgy too, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  But of course this meant there would be no trip to McDonalds and that today’s activity would have to be an indoor one.

Decoupage is the perfect craft activity for Ellen because the more random the application of the paper, the better the finished product looks.  There is also a great independent Arts & Crafts shop in the local town of Berkhamsted which is crammed full of loads of brilliant bits and bobs and has an extensive decoupage section.  Ellen was after a giraffe and thank goodness they had one which we swiftly snaffled.  We also managed to leave the shop with an elephant and a lion (‘do them another day’), several sheets of decoupage paper and a box of sequin art.

Liberally applying the glue

Liberally applying the glue

Decoupage is good for me too in an RDI -way because there’s no right or wrong way to go about it so I’m less inclined to try and take over to make sure it ‘works’.  What made the whole experience even more fun for Ellen was that she spotted a money spider in my hair and then refused to take it off for me, so I had to put up with it until it finally decided to abandon ship and abseilled down in front of my eyes where I eventually managed to extract it.

I have to say despite having chicken pox, an earache, too many spots and itches and a bad leg, Ellen seemed to enjoy the activity immensely, even more so when she discovered she could daub me in glue too.  Who says autistic people have no resilliance?!


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