Oh good; more courgettes!

There’s a certain time of year in England when everyone’s conversation turns to the subject of what on earth can they cook with all their courgettes.  Even pathetic vegetable plot managers like myself seem to be able to produce a bumper crop with very little effort and there is a sudden scramble to find recipes to turn the maligned green vegetables into edible fare before their inevitable wilt.

The bumper crop!

The bumper crop!

It’s no surprise then, that this week’s activity was centered around, you guessed it, courgettes!

I found an incredibly simple recipe for courgette buns, which actually tasted nice as well, although disappointingly used less than half a courgette…

The Recipe –  makes 12 buns (helpful if you have leopard-print bun cases too)

40g grated courgette
110g self-raising flour
110g caster sugar
20g cocoa powder
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 medium eggs

Ellen managed to practise her egg-cracking skills (successfully) and we got a nice turn-taking pattern established when putting the mix into the cases.

I now need to work on over-compensation.  Watching the video back I realise that I weighed out all the ingredients and Ellen is certainly capable of this…however with the amount of courgettes we have there will be no lack of opportunity to practise!

The final product

The final product



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