Raspberry Rippled

We’ve had a few weeks off Ellensdays over the summer and although Ellen doesn’t start college again until Monday, our RDI-focused activity days have begun again with a vengence.  Today we had a quadruple experience; not only did Ellen do her regular twenty minute job in the local shop and enjoy her weekly trip to McDonalds (doing excellent ordering) but we also made raspberry ripple icecream – from scratch http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1508665/raspberry-ripple-ice-cream.

I came at the idea backwards.  Ellen loves visiting the local PYO farm in June to gather strawberries, so I looked to see what was in season at the moment and discovered that raspberries are apparently available into October.  Sure enough, they had plenty and by the time Ellen and I had worked ourselves up and down one row we had a punnet each of gorgeous raspberries and we only ate the ones that squashed as we pulled them off the plant – honest guv! Ellen loved it and apparently next week we’re going back for cucumbers…

The pickings

The pickings

I found a good recipe which didn’t require an ice-cream machine and said it was simple enough to make with children.

I’ve never made ice-cream before and assembling the ingredients I can now see exactly why in large quantities it’s no good for the wasteline. Eggs, double cream and sugar appeared to be the main ingredients with the raspberries seeming rather incidental to the whole thing.  With puppies intermittently racing around the kitchen and Ellen continually asking me why I didn’t have any socks on (I had stepped in puppy wee – an occupational habit at the moment) we mixed the coronary-clogging brew.

Things went fairly smoothly until Ellen misinterpreted (whether deliberately or not I’m still not entirely sure) my instruction to put the bowl containing the sugar and the eggs on TOP of the pan of boiling water and poured the whole lot INTO the pan instead.  It was a moment which would have fitted right in to the Great British Bake Off.  After a few moments of surveying the scene whilst doing my very best to remain calm (remembering I was filming the whole thing for RDI) I dumped the entire lot down the sink and we started again.  At least it gave Ellen more practise at cracking eggs – in the end we got through a whopping 12 of them.

The second batch was completed without further incident.  The result was a totally trashed kitchen but a product which lookied remarkably raspberry ripple like – although it hasn’t yet competed its six hours in the freezer and is as yet untasted.

The finished product!

The finished product!

As a slight aside, here’s an updated picture of the puppies for those dog lovers amongst you – it’s been seven weeks since they were born – and it took five and a half weeks for Ellen to acknowledge their existence and allow one on her lap, but they are now so much part of the family that it will be hard to see them go to their new homes over the next few weeks.  Luckily we are keeping one – Brian

Brian is furthest on the right

Brian is furthest on the right





2 thoughts on “Raspberry Rippled

  1. Ooooh, I love this post. The ice-cream sounds divine…. and as for those puppies!! Also love the resilience shown by the both of you over the egg dumping in saucepan incident! Wish you were my neighbor, we could have so much fun. 🙂

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