There are no flies on us

I’m a vegetarian and my mother is a Buddhist, yet one of Ellen’s favourite summer activities is swatting flies.  A few weeks ago my husband broke our (admittedly rather cheap) fly swat with a rather enthusiastic swing at a bluebottle which buzzed merrily out of harm’s way.  This meant that the next time we went shopping Ellen was very keen for us to buy a replacement swat – imagine her delight when we found that in the local poundshop you could buy 5 swats for £1!  As you can imagine the quality of the tools has not significantly increased.

Ellen proudly displaying her prey

Ellen proudly displaying her prey

So, this afternoon we spent half an hour searching the house for flies which could be swatted.  The fact that we had a choice of swats meant that we could have one each, and so fulfil an RDI objective by co-ordinating our swatting!  Our grand total of corpses was five but in addition to this we found one tiny baby fly, a spider and a moth which were all spared because according to Ellen, the fly swat can only be used for flies.

Being a day at home we also had plenty of time to finish painting our papier mache shark which has ended up looking remarkably like the picture on the box, more by luck than design I think.  The part that Ellen was the most enthusiastic about ? Painting the blood around it’s mouth.

Painting the shark

Painting the shark

Perhaps I should be rather glad that at the moment she has only wanted to look at the puppies….


4 thoughts on “There are no flies on us

  1. LOL! I love the way you write Abby, this blog post really made me chuckle… I hope your mum doesn’t see this! This is possibly the first RDI activity that involves killing I have ever heard of!

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