The intricacies of leaflet delivery

Ellen delivering leaflets

Ellen delivering leaflets

Ellen has finished college now and doesn’t go back until the 3rd September so everyday is an Ellensdays for the next two months and gives me the opportunity for a lot of RDI interactions #positivity.

Sticking with our term time routine however, this morning we went to the village shop so that Ellen could complete her list of jobs and thus earn her Milky Bar in wages.

She romped through the list with minimal help from me (taking instruction from another lady in the shop) and she even washed up the few things in the sink without using gloves, although how well they were washed up I’m not sure…still, it’s all progress.

The shop has produced a promotional leaflet which is being delivered throughout the local area during July. Thinking this might be a brilliant job for the dream-team, I offered for Ellen to deliver to Grange Road, a housing estate in the village.

Ellen wasn’t happy about this new turn of events – refusing to smile the whole way round – but did complete the task, mainly because she was promised a trip to McDonalds upon its successful completion! Out of around 35 houses we had 10 letter boxes with ridiculously tight brushes guarding the entrance (Ellen sort of crushed the leaflet into the brushes in these instances), 4 garden gates which were broken and needed lifting to open, 3 loud barking dogs (they made Ellen jump and she dropped the leaflets on the floor) and around 6 houses with external postboxes fixed to the side of the house – something Ellen wasn’t used to spotting but which did come in handy when combined with the rabid dogs.

All in all a seemingly straightforward task proved to be quite dynamic and despite the grumpiness of her delivery she actually coped with it pretty successfully and it made me wonder whether leaflet delivery could be a future job opportunity for her….?


The growing 'Go' pile

The growing ‘Go’ pile

Another little notch of success today came with my ‘keep’ and ‘go’ campaign. You may remember from my blog of a few weeks ago that I’m trying to sort out some of Ellen’s ‘collections’.  Things did not start in a promising fashion in that Ellen refused to put any of her jumpers on the ‘go’ pile. Well, since then we have completed a few more ‘keep’ and ‘go’ sessions sorting the top of her chest of drawers (where she still firmly kept everything except an old plaster) and my t-shirt drawer (where she was unfortunately very generous with the ‘go’ command).

Today I tried with a shelf of her bookcase. Remarkably six books made it into the ‘go’ pile, still a tiny proportion but definite progress.  When I tried to continue up to the next shelf of the bookcase however I was firmly told to go ‘out of the playroom’.  By the end of the eight weeks of summer holidays I may possible have finished the whole room….steady.



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