Treasure Hunt at the Museum

I’m fascinated by mummies and everything Ancient Egyptian, so when I saw that the British Museum had a new exhibition on called : Eight Mummies, eight stories, I was very keen to go.  Then I thought – why not take Ellen on one of our Wednesdays?  The museum will be quieter and the British Museum is only a short walk from Euston station, all perfectly do-able…Hmm.

Since I booked the tickets about a month ago, I have many times wondered whether the whole idea was slightly bonkers.  The only thing for it was to plan everything to the nth degree.  I bought the exhibition guide in advance so that Ellen and I could look through it on the train, but I also decided to make a ‘Treasure Hunt’ list.  This was to be a short achievable hunt with only five items on it and with the help of the guide book I fairly easily compiled a quiz sheet which you can see in the gallery of photos below:

How was I to know that three of these items were in the first display cabinet and were very quickly found!  All the best laid plans etc.  Still I had the ace up my sleeve as Ellen had been told that if we did the treasure hunt and she was good at the museum then she could get a Burger King at Euston and eat it on the train home – talk about motivation!

The walk from Euston to the British Museum was actually longer than I thought, more like 15 minutes each way than the 5 I had remembered; but Ellen coped well and stayed with me on the journey.  We negotiated our way through the busy galleries (what’s happened to work/school?!) and found the right exhibition with little trouble. Our route took us through the gallery containing large stone Egyptian sculptures, many were animals, much to Ellen’s delight. At the exhibition itself Ellen actually seemd to really enjoy looking at the mummies and the skeletons and there was a lot of interactive stuff whereby she could spin a dial and see the mummy’s wrappings removed to reveal the mummified remains and amulets underneath etc.  Lovely gory stuff.

The first trip round was fairly swift, we ticked everything off the treasure hunt list and then ended up in the inevitable gift shop.  Who’d have thought that the gift shop would contain a soft toy?  Not me, but it did, a black ‘Egyptian’ cat which then accompanied us on a second tour round the exhibition as I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth.

On the way home I told Ellen that my favourite bit was the painted mummy and she responded that she liked the tambourine (a sistrum). I think probably Ellen’s highlight of the day was Burger King, but to my surprise she did say ‘go to the museum again’ as we got off the train at our station. There’s certainly more to see at the British Museum, in fact a whole lot more mummies including some mummified cats and dogs. Which may give us an idea of something we can do with the ‘Egyptian’ cat on a rainy day 😉


One thought on “Treasure Hunt at the Museum

  1. What a fun day you planned for Ellen at the museum – your treasure hunt was such a great idea! I can see from the photos she had a great time. Not only did this make me want to go & see mummies at the museum, but now I’m craving BK as well. 😉 I enjoyed reading this – thanks!

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