Hobbycraft Heaven

I looked up all sorts of ideas for making Christmas wreaths this week but I couldn’t face any of them.  Either they required far too much skill, involved trekking out into the open air with a pair of scissors to ‘collect your greenery’ or used copious amounts of glue.  None of which seemed tremendously inviting.  Instead, after much internet searching, I plumped for making Christmas decorations out of salt dough.  Perfect, I thought.  RDI ‘experience sharing’ through the dough-making and cutting process and then shopping at Hobbycraft to buy some nice glitter paints to decorate.  In my euphoria I had forgotten that in a clear-out a few years ago I chucked out most of my biscuit cutters leaving me only with hearts, stars, a lone elephant and the letters one to ten.

In the happy period before I discovered this however, Ellen and I made the salt dough and rolled it out.  This went all RDI swimmingly until Ellen for some reason decided to tip what was left of the salt into my jar of flour – ‘what did you do that for ?’ (a banned question) sprung from my lips before I could stop it and Ellen giggled.  I seriously considered for at least five seconds trying to spoon the salt out, but then gestured at the jar and looked at Ellen.  She paused.  ‘Oh dear my flour has salt in it’ I said giving my best impression of someone who was taking it all in their stride.  ‘You need to wash it’ Ellen said.  A tick for RDI, although the glee in her voice made it difficult to really appreciate this at the time…still it’s ‘experience-sharing’ I guess!

When it came to using the cutters, Ellen didn’t seem to mind the deficit of shapes, although she did insist on using a different cutter every time, so once we’d used the stars and hearts we were onto the less Christmassy shapes like the number seven and a little round cutter which I think is supposed to be used to make the hole in


the numbers like nine and six.  There was also a bit of dough left over at the end which was rolled into a rainbow (just making this clear – as it’s possibly not obvious pre-painted!)

So there we have it – shapes done.  Now the shopping trip to Hobbycraft.  I have to admit I am a Hobbycraft virgin. I know people rave about it but I thought it might be a rather dull place like needlecraft shops often are with plastic packets of unidentifiable objects uninspiring displayed on racks.  How wrong could I be!  The minute I walked through the door I knew it was a mistake to go in alone with Ellen, before I could pull one of the baskets away from the stack (why are these things so difficult to do?) she was already clutching a box of sequin art and had even managed to find packets of dolly mixtures amongst the aisles.  She wasn’t the slightest bit interested in choosing which colour glitter glue to buy or the best ribbon for our decorations she was instead focussed on the task of ‘how to get the most things in the basket without Mum objecting.’  Suffice to say we didn’t stick strictly to the list and in future I will probably order online :-).

I’ve got a new goal of trying not to ‘over compensate’ for Ellen when we are doing our shelf-stacking at the Village Shop.  It’s so much easier at home to step back and not interfere, when we’re out and about I always find myself jumping in to interpret what she wants before I should.  I’m more conscious than I should be of the people around me; it’s something that’s very difficult to shake off.   I think next week I might try and put a rubber band on my wrist so I can give myself a little twang every time I feel myself stepping in too early.  Could be interesting – watch this space.


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