Finking with Basic Woozle

I’ve had my little box of Fink cards for a while.  The RDI objective is that I use them at mealtimes to prompt conversation.  For the uninitiated amongst you Fink cards are ‘thought provoking’ conversation cards, each card contains a question, for example ‘what is your favourite sound?’  When we have used these in the past they have been of limited success, as Ellen tends to listen to what everyone else is saying rather than contribute herself.  Last night however she wasn’t Ellen she was Basic Woozle and as I found out, Basic Woozle rather liked the Fink cards.

Basic Woozle is one of nine woozle and heffalump characters who appear in the playstation game ‘Piglets Big Game‘.  Ellen loves acting out the sounds all these different characters make and asking me to guess who she is (if I’m really lucky I get to act them out as well :-)) and she particularly enjoys having her face painted as them. Now, as you can imagine, it’s not that easy trying to facepaint heffalumps and woozles but luckily, Ellen isn’t that fussy as long as I get the right face colour, nose/trunk and ears.  Today, for example, she was Sporty Woozle.

Sporty Woozle

Sporty Woozle

You get the idea.  Suffice to say, if I was ever on Mastermind, my specialist subject would be the characteristics and noises of the Heffalumps and Woozles from Piglets Big Game.  I would win hands down.

Last night anyway the face painting paid dividends, as Basic Woozle was in the mood for Finking.  Over supper we went through the entire pack of 54 cards with some fantastic conversation.  For example, in answer to the question “would you like to be famous?  If so, in what way” she answered “Pop Star”.  Slightly further off the wall was her answer to the question “What do you want to to be doing in ten years time?” – “have stripes like a zebra” she said.  “Fair enough” I answered.  I had to answer all these questions too, and I got a bit stuck when BW asked me “If you were invisible who or what would you like to observe?” – “Observe means look at” I told BW but then I ummed and ahhed trying to think of a good reply.  “You could look at the birds” BW said, obviously bored of waiting for me.  Basic Woozle was certainly on the ball last night.

Today wasn’t our normal Wednesday as I had to go into work and Ellen came with me.  Usually at work she spends the whole time printing off all the pictures from the Cbeebies website (and going through about half a ream of paper).  She still did this, but I told her she would have a job to do before we left for the day.  Her task was to help me clear up from the students’ lunch; stacking the dishwasher, putting things away in the fridge and wiping tables.  Luckily we had already agreed that she would be Sporty Woozle when she got home as I wasn’t quite sure whether Sporty Woozle was well-behaved enough to be around the students.  (Sometimes the heffalumps and woozles can be a bit unpredictable).  Ellen was perfect though, three sprays of cleaner on every table and I did the wiping – a nice RDI pattern.



Sporty Woozle needs to burn off some energy so we’re about to take the dog for a walk.  Tomorrow she’s apparently going to be Road Sweeper Heffalump – great stuff!  The kitchen floor needs a clean and I think Road Sweeper will be the perfect Heffalump for the job.  Now I’ve just got to think of RDI tasks for the other seven…..



One thought on “Finking with Basic Woozle

  1. Wow, I love all the characters that are being used and it sounds like you both have so much fun together. As for RDI tasks, I don’t think you will have much of a problem thinking of any! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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