Art lessons – the outcome

Ellen has been doing Art one day a week at college for the past half-term.  Numerous attempts to prise from her what has been going on in the lessons have been met with vagaries such as ‘I don’t know’ or just ‘painting’.

Imagine the parental excitement, when a carefully wrapped, heavy object arrived home in the book bag last night.  Ellen’s name was fixed to the paper with a sticky label and I carefully unwrapped the treasured item to reveal…..

Ellen's Piece of Modern Art

Ellen’s Piece of Modern Art

Now I have to say there was an inner struggle between the proud parent and the cynic.  I think I’ve taken the photograph showing the object at its finest; allowing natural light to stream through and pick out the nuances of texture and colour.

I think Ellen’s intent must have been to create a modern piece, either that or she was keen to get to the canteen.

The question is – what do I do with it now…?


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